Friday, May 20, 2016

Five for Friday: Near the finish line!

This is so true!!

This is my favorite project as it shows my kinders growth from the beginning of the year. It is their self portrait on the first day and then how they draw themselves in May. I laminate them before sending home =)

We are wrapping up the year with all things under the sea. Lots of good books and activities!

I had my little kinders write five things to the incoming class about Kindergarten. We talked about some things that they were nervous about before starting school and how they could help their new friends coming in the Fall. I was impressed with what they wrote!

End of the year = BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Saying good bye to friends, going to weddings/showers, wrapping up school projects and field day!

Another project that went home this week were their journals from the entire year. We always start out writing with just making an illustration, then adding labels to our pictures, and finally adding words to make sentences.  Did I say how much I love May in that you can really see how much was accomplished throughout the year? It's so exciting!!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Five for Friday:Down to the wire!

For sure!! Yippee!!!

We are finishing up our bug unit which means my "Going Buggy" pack is all complete. Check out some of the fun things we did inside. Click the link to my shop to get it on sale this week =)

I think this is our favorite new activity...finding pics in the paper and making our own stories. Check out the Mount Rushmore one! So cute! I'm very proud of all they have accomplished this year in the writing and reading department =)

You might have seen this cute idea on Pinterest. I added a little twist by putting some writing prompts in the hearts. I hope all of the moms love them on their special day!

Ugh! Three more weeks yet until this race. I got my long run in with 14 miles so now I hope to start scaling back. I love this little trail that isn't far from our house.....except I run it so early in the morning that I am by myself and think someone is going to jump out of the bushes at me. I get some of my best times though. LOL!

In celebration of Teacher Appreciate week, our PTO sent out a paper for kids to make an illustration and a message to their teacher. I really got some cute ones back. Those special messages are keepsakes for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!