Friday, January 13, 2017

Five for Friday!: January 13th

EEK! So excited for a long weekend =)! I only wish I could be on the beach too!

We have been doing a lot of math games to work on our number concepts. Kids were given many manipulatives to help them show the number 10. I loved seeing their creativity come out! 
We began our penguin unit this past week and made some to hang from the ceiling. I am always shocked how empty the room looks with nothing there. We took the santas down upon returning from break and had to quickly make these cuties. Kids made snowballs and wrote a few of our high frequency words on them. We made an anchor chart with all of the things penguins can, are, and have after reading some informational texts. They really do a nice job recalling facts from the books.

I am using quite a bit from both of my packs while we meander through the Arctic. Please check them out in my shop. I have provided the links and a FREEBIE!
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 It is amazing to see the growth when kids come back in January from break. Seriously, I feel like they have turned a big corner in those short weeks on break as if a light clicked on in some. I am thrilled with our writing progress and am anxious to see how far they will get by the end of the school year! Each of my students does use a writer's helper that I made just for them to check that their letters and numbers are going the correct way. It also guides them in making sure they are remembering to use their capitalization, spacing, and punctuation. I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to all of these components....especially in the second half of the year! If you would like a copy, you can grab it for FREE in my shop. Enjoy!

When we returned to school, I had my birthday and decided to make it fun for everyone. I let the kids wear pajamas to begin our arctic study, I made large snowflake cut out cookies, we studied our penguins, and watched "Happy Feet" during indoor recess with popcorn/drinks. It was a super fun day! I also got a long run in and enjoyed dinner with my family. Everything I hold dear to my heart!
 I just had to show the next two pictures ....You know you live in a house full of boys when you go to take a bath and find army guys in a stance along the edge and your husband installs a urinal in the bathroom =)
 These are some of my favorite things....I love to work out and we set up a nice little gym in the basement until we get around to finishing it. I always do this as soon as I get up and relax in a bath before waking the kids up. I light my candles and currently watching "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix. I'm not sure how I missed the boat on that series but I LOVE IT! We also got a snow day this week which is always a plus and our Amazon Prime Pantry box showed up. It was like Christmas. If you have Amazon Prime, you must check out the service. It is great for getting our items for lunches and breakfast. We also utilize the music component. Amazon Prime...BEST THING EVER! LOL!
Have a fantastic weekend!