Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday Linky Party: November 21st

I am so thankful the weekend is here and it will be a short couple of days next week! Then it will be December...but who is counting ;-)?
My art teacher is fabulous! She decorates our building in the best projects and has new ones every year. As we are getting read for the holiday season, you will find many characters dressed in their holiday garb. 

We wanted to get our own room ready as well and made our writing station a little festive. The kids made reindeer out of their feet and hands but then some Christmas bulbs with tissue paper. It was the first place they went to during our stations the next day!
I was so tickled with our pilgrims this week. They came out so cute! We read "The First Thanksgiving" and discuss the long journey of the pilgrims. The kids then did some writing related to the Mayflower. If they had to choose only one thing they could bring with them, what would it be? Some responses were very logical and others were as I expected =)

It has been freeeeeeezzzzing in Ohio. When the temps get super low, my classroom is an ice box. We came into a 62 degree room that only reached 66 by the end of the day. My son likes to ham it up in the morning in my room before he departs to Third Grade. We went and saw "Big Hero 6" this weekend. Awesome movie!!!

Personally, I have had a very challenging week and I am so glad that it is almost over. I was barely able to get this post done but I hate to miss this Linky Party! My husband was out of town all week on business and a lot of personal things happened in his absence. I had my middle son throwing up as we were walking out of the door to leave for school, my laptop broke, and I am getting ready for a dental appt for an infected tooth. I absolutely hate the dentist but the darn thing in throbbing! Wish me luck. EEEEKKK!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday: November 14th Linky Party

Sooooooo glad that Friday is HERE! A little humor to start your day....
 I love doing this little activity with the kids during this time of the year. We make one side together and then turn it over and they start giggling when they realize what we have done to create two different things. Many kids think it is magic =) I like to hang these in the room so you can see both sides when they are turning in the air. Great fine motor practice for those little hands!
flip me over....
This is one of my all time favorite books. If you haven't read this to your class, you need to check it out. It is a funny story about a turkey that fools an entire town. The story is written in rhyme and the kids made their own WANTED posters. I was brave and let them use different mediums from our closest. Who doesn't love paint and markers? LOL!

Organization is key to keeping my sanity when I'm a single mom for the week! Well, that and my running. LOL! I actually set these up on my supply table every week so that everything is out in case a sub would ever have to jump in. I start preparing for the following week on Wednesdays, lesson plans done by Thursday, and blog/newsletter on Friday. Can you tell that I am a bit OCD? =P

I am so glad to be done with my evaluation this week. Even though I put 110% in everyday, I still manage to worry about the eval. In Ohio, we go through a process called OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System). This is how the framework is laid out.... It is a little crazy but I am a bit different being in Kindergarten since we don't do the state testing like the older grades. My student growth score is based on the district score. 
So begins the winter season. If you live where there is snow, you know what I am talking about when the first snow falls.......the squealing!!!! They were so wound up the rest of the day. I wonder how long it will take for the excitement to wear off? For me, I am good with one day and being done the rest of the year. LOL!

 Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday: November 7th Linky Party

I created these high frequency books to help build fluency with my kiddos. I am covering the words that we are studying in our McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders program. It was so exciting to hear them reading so well and to watch their excitement in doing it! They are differentiated to meet the needs of everyone too!

I am also relieved that I finished my Turkey Unit just in time for November. I did a lot of research on this animal and found out TONS of information that I never knew. I made a info sheet so that I can recall it all plus informational text activities for my kiddos. I also put together some extension activities to go along with my favorite fiction turkey books. I love the Fall!

Our house finally got some color to it this week! It's starting to feel like a home and I love the excitement in the kids every time we go visit. It will be a thrill once we can move in and start making memories <3

It was time to take down our pumpkin glyphs to get ready for Thanksgiving! I think I am starting to see a theme in this post today =) As you can tell, I love glyphs as it really helps me to learn more about my students. Plus, they are great tools in strengthening those fine motor skills =)

We celebrated Veteran's Day this morning with an assembly. The kids learn lots of patriotic songs with our music teacher and present it to parents and grandparents that are veterans. They are recognized in front of the school. As a grand finale, the fifth graders unroll the flag they made in art class. It is always so special!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's Turkey Time: Non-fiction activities and a book study!

I finally finished it!!! Yeah!! Check out my new pack that tells all about turkeys. I have included four of my favorite Turkey stories that I share with my class during Thanksgiving with extension activities! Did you know that male turkeys are the only ones that can gobble? How about a hen can lay 18 eggs? A turkey also has two stomachs to help with digestion! I did a lot of research to make this pack and I included a factual sheet for you to use as a guide.

I thought it was important for the kids to learn all of the factual information of a turkey but I couldn't pass up my favorite stories. There are comprehension and sequential activities to go along with these. Enjoy =)