Thursday, August 18, 2016

Five for Friday: We're Back!!

OMG! I had such an awesome first day with my new class of kiddos that I am afraid to blink. They did so great!

My room prep was ready for Open House before school began. I always wish that we would have it after the year started so I had some art work to hang up but the kids are always so excited to come check out the room. We originally had 58 kids between two classes but they added another section so I have an ideal class size. I was able to even take two of the tables and transform them into a writing and math station.
A wide angle shot of the room.
I found these dice at Five and Below. They are HUGE and bouncy. The kids love them!

My back to school books that I absolutely adore. 

Everyone earned a brag tag for having such an awesome day!! 
I finished my own set of brag tags and made them so that you can save your colored ink. Check out my pics below!

We celebrated my youngest son's birthday with a quick trip out of town to visit a science center. We couldn't go to Columbus without visiting my alma mater, Ohio State. I just love and miss that place so much!

We had to take our annual back to school pics. I am thrilled the first week is short just to help us get back into the groove. I can't believe that I will have a high schooler next year. We actually will have one son in each school in our district. Craziness!!

I found an amazing blog that helped me to make a rotating banner in my TpT shop. If you are interested in creating your own, check out the link to her blog below. I was so proud of myself for making it on the first try but really it was the excellent details she gave!

Have a great weekend!