Thursday, January 30, 2014

So much learning to do!

Learning about groundhogs had to be the main focus since it's already this weekend! Unfortunately, we had two snow days so I really was pushing today. We read two books on the little rodents and made a large anchor chart to display all of our information that we had learned. Kids then had to label their own diagram using the word bank, puzzle pieces, and chart to guide them. There was an engaging word search with all of the groundhog facts on the reverse side. You can access all of this in my 'Operation Groundhog' pack in my TpT shop.

We also practiced our organizational writing skills by elaborating the steps they take in the morning getting ready for school. They had to illustrate a picture and write a sentence below. In mathematics, we reviewed attribute blocks and created designs with them. The last morning station was phonemic awareness in which they had to sound out the words and fill the letters into the puzzle pieces before blending it all together. It was a busy but fun day!

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