Friday, August 7, 2015

Five for Friday: In the single digits!

The calendar didn't say July anymore which meant it was time to get back into the classroom and get ready for my new crop of kiddos. I thought I would be able to quietly exit my house with all of my supplies when my oldest asked if the little one was going with me. He threw me under the bus because what little kid doesn't want to come have so much fun in a room with paints, crayons, dry erase boards and markers?! He was so excited that he ran and grabbed his new backpack and immediately started packing a lunch! Who could say 'no' to that?
 This is what it looked like walking in. It's so hard to get moving and deciding where to start but then I get going and I can't stop. Until....
 "Mom, come watch this with me....Can we play...Want to do the play dough?". Even though I had my bases covered, I didn't get much done. My main purpose was to print and laminate which is something I did accomplish. SUCCESS =)

 I didn't realize how much I had made for my Superhero classroom this year until it was time to cut out the lamination. I wish parents filled out the registration forms with the names that their child wanted to be called in the classroom rather than their formal names so I could get all of the tags done =) If you are interested in making your room a Superhero, you can find all of the goodies in my shop!

My little guy turned four this week. I can hardly believe it. We had such a great time celebrating all.week.long. LOL! I am a huge fan of Amazon Prime. I would much rather order online than go to the store. I am using the leftover lanterns to make into superheroes hanging in my classroom anyway. BONUS! We had family and close friends come to celebrate over the weekend but did his fun activities on the actual day. He was such a hoot. All day long, I heard "The birthday boy..." and "I will still be hilarious now that I am four!".

Goodies for the kids..... 
 I found this fun number on Pinterest....a popcorn bar! Jax loves popcorn so I thought this would be a hit and never heard of it before. Funny, though, the Target lady at the register knew exactly what I was doing as she was just at a graduation party that had one too. What would we do without Pinterest? LOL!
My kids are not real good vegetable eaters but they are excellent in the fruit department. Hello ninjas!

I was telling you about my love for this book when my son got it at a restaurant. Little did I know that it was part of their series! Amazon prime to the rescue again! The book came this week and I have been creating activities for the beginning of the school year.

I am happy to be finishing up the class I have been taking for my six semester hours. I had to complete 150 contact hours and then write a paper. I have been diligently doing a bit everyday and should have it finished by this weekend. I will meet for my exit interview next Tuesday to wrap it up. Everything seems to be jam packed into my last week at home...wellness visits, immunizations, soccer, and orientation. Where did the summer go? Let the games begin =)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Your superhero theme is adorable!! I'd want to be in your class!
    Creative idea to let them pick a superhero name!

  2. I love your popcorn bar and fruit plates-- so cute and tasty looking!

    My Bright Blue House