Friday, September 25, 2015

Five for Friday: Biscuits, apples, & differentiation!

Maybe not quite 40 but 24 little kiddos will still give you a run for your money =)

The apple biscuits were a hit! Before we devoured them, we became little scientists and tested to see if they would float, measured the circumference and height, counted seeds, tasted the difference between red, yellow, and green apples PLUS so much more. The kids had a blast!

I started these text evidence packs I made with the my kiddos in the middle of last year but designed more simple ones for the Fall since it is our first time learning about it this year. I made two different versions to meet the diverse learners and it went much better than I had anticipated. We did them together as a group this time to help with the understanding. The higher level kiddos took off with it and asked for more. You can click on the link and download this sample for free =)

We are wrapping up our apple unit this weak after reading many informational and fictional texts. We labeled the parts of the apple and sequenced the cycle from seed to core. These were great in developing our fine motor skills.

In our Wonders Reading program, we have covered a handful of high frequency words and I included the -at and -am word families. I made this interactive differentiated high frequency book for the kids to practice these words in a repetitive format. This particular one reviews the words "I, can, the". I stapled them upon completion to be practiced further at home. I hope they help build their fluency skills along the way. I have three distinct levels of abilities in my room.  The couple of kiddos that are struggling a bit needed some assistance so I took a yellow highlighter for them to visualize the letters they were supposed to put together in the words. It made it much easier for them to understand that letters make words.

You can't learn about apples without including Johnny Appleseed! We read a couple of stories and compared his lifestyle to our own. They replicated his hat (the pot) and had him holding his apple tree =)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your picture quote at the beginning! I always get so ratty when people assume our job is SO easy! If only they knew! The end of your apple unit looks fab!! I also love your johnny appleseed crafts - i'd never heard of johnny appleseed until i got more involved with americans this past year! Now i totally get the craze!!

    Teaching Autism

  2. Looks like a fun and busy week. I love all of your creative activities! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures and ideas.

  3. Your apple ideas look so fun! We are going to visit an apple orchard in the beginning of October, and I can't wait to do lots of fun apple things that week. :)

  4. We tried your apple biscuits today; my kiddos loved them! I'll write about them and our apple week soon. Thanks for the great idea!

    A Very Curious Class