Friday, February 7, 2014

Oodles of Writing!

We do lots and I mean LOTS of writing in our classroom everyday. We learned about our teeth this week for dental health month. I read several stories and then the kids wrote about ways they keep their teeth strong!
I am really proud of their writing as they continue to make great strides. In our reading program, we discussed the similarities and differences between the seasons. They then chose the season they liked best and wrote about it too.
You can always bet that we write about our weekend adventures when we start the week on Monday. I always remind the parents to discuss this with their kiddo before coming to school because they always seem to forget =) Now that we are over halfway through the year, I do ask them to write about 2-3 things. You will see that some are putting dividers in their writing to show their thoughts. We are working on writing fluid thoughts =)

Have a great weekend!