Friday, May 16, 2014

Five for Friday: Down to the single digits!!

I have been testing ALL WEEK and feel like every day has been never ending. I feel bad for the kiddos that the days are so long but this is one test we have to do before we leave for the summer. Out of curiosity, what type of testing does your district use for your Kinders?

 You know I love to have my kinders write ALL OF THE TIME! I'm always amazed with their progress and the amount of information they want to share in their writing. This friend has really come a long way this year and loves journal time =)

My favorite activity of the year is this little number we do just before school lets out. I have the kids draw me a picture of their self portrait on the very first day so that I can remember what they look like =) We then draw one at the end and glue them next to each other. I had so many kids tell me that they didn't do their initial picture and try to give it back to me. It was hilarious! I laminate these and send home to parents as a keepsake.

We have been using the Wonders series this year for our reading program. It took me a bit of time in the beginning to realize that I needed additional resources to help my kinders master the concepts we were doing in the program. I started creating the extension activities in October and missed the beginning Unit. So, I have been trying to go back and create these initial weeks and will revamp my beginning units. You don't need to be in this reading program to utilize these materials as they are concepts that we cover in the Common Core =)
We had TONS of storms this week with lots of rain damage in the area. My kiddos wrote about them in their free topic writing this week. I hope we see more sunshine in the coming days!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. Wow that Kindergarten writing is blowing me away! And the progress in those self portraits is amazing! Have a great weekend!

    Love to Learn

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  3. I am a new follower and a "newbie" with Wonders. I liked the extension packets and will be putting them in my cart.
    Kindergarten To The Core