Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday: October 10th Linky Party!

Happy Friday everyone! Here is my week in pictures......

We made our first glyphs this week and the kids did great! We worked very SLOWLY so that they could understand what we were doing but they got the hang of it....or so I thought. Before they went home, I reminded them to tell their parents that they learned about glyphs. Then one little friend asked another, 'What is a glyph again?' and the friend replied, 'Ya know, it's a pumpkin!'. Oh boy, back to the drawing board.
I have fallen in love with our interactive journals this year. It is the first time that I have done them and I am tickled with the excitement in the kids! I have noticed that many are struggling with ending sounds so this will need to be reviewed and reviewed again. 

My teaching partner walked into my room while I was planning. She said that it looked a little crazy. I have to admit that it may to others but I have a system that works for me. I always like everything laid out accordingly for the week in case I would need to miss a day of school. My husband travels for work and with three boys anything can happen!LOL! I am known for being a bit OCD and a little ADHD. My jazzercise friends laugh that when I get to our 530 a.m. class in the morning, I have already ran 5 miles too. It is one of my jazzer friends that posted the picture above onto my facebook page =)


When we write, I made word webs to help the kids generate ideas for their writing. They illustrate a picture in each circle while writing the words on the lines for the first day. We then use these to assist us in our writing theme for the week. I couldn't resist sharing the paper from a lil friend in my room on day two of our tools and verbs week.  In their writing assignment, they had to use a verb to tell how they use their tool. My little friend wrote this......
Although his words were not spelled correctly, he was able to match the verb and tool in the correct places. He was actually referring to shooting a bow =) I love invented spelling as it always puts a smile on my face. 

This was the first week I got the stamps and pads out and they will be gone for a little while. I gave strict rules in the ways to use them appropriately. I should've taken a picture of the table after the station was completed as it was decorated too =)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your post. I think your OCD planning is a great idea. And the little guy's verb writing is priceless :) See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom