Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday: All About Fire activities

This is how I feel on Fridays! Woohoo!! Here is my week in pictures......

We made our very first -at word family book and the kids did a great job! It took a bit to understand which is why that I tried relating it to our own families. I explained that within our families, we usually have the same last names (in this case it would be -at) but different first names (which represented each letter we added 'c', 'f', 'h', 'm'). We then practiced sounding out each word in the book. It really helped that it was interactive to keep their interests too!
Ahhh.. the reading fingers I bought in the dollar section at Target were a big hit during our guided reading instruction time. They made more of an effort to touch each word as they read them. Hey...whatever works! =)

Our writing station is coming along. I feel like a lot of the kids are just not excited about it yet (which bums me out) and put the minimal amount of work into it. I am thrilled to have a few that truly enjoy making detailed illustrations and do a fabulous job writing. It really is a great incentive for the other kids because I give DOJO points every time I find someone who put forth the extra effort into their work =)
I love Fall and everything about it! So excited to get all of our pumpkin and scarecrow activities out for the kids to use. We did beginning and ending sounds as well as rhyming this week.

I have been working on this number for a while so I was glad to finally finish it in time for October fire safety month.  Help your kiddos learn about the properties of fire through these fun activities: differentiated write the room activities (single words and sentences), paired reading activities, a science experiment with KWL, step by step directions with writing and illustrations, comprehension questions, differentiation between hot and cold items, and more!
These are just some of the goodies you will find in my latest pack. Take a peek as I bet there are lots of learning activities that your kiddos will find fun and engaging!
Have a great weekend!!

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