Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday: Differentiated reading & Interactive notebooks!

Ahhh... so glad to have made it to Friday. It was a long and busy week both personally and professionally. I'm always thrilled when I get to type this post because it means the weekend is almost here =)!
We finally got into the groove of getting into our differentiated reading groups. The kids did much better than I had anticipated. Most were great at picking up the repetitive sentences and using their fingers to guided their reading for 1:1 correspondence. 
We also began our interactive poetry notebooks by Deedee Wills. We started with apples since that is our theme these past two weeks. We read the poem as a class, glued them into our notebooks, found all of the letter 'a's that we could possibly find, put squares around our high frequency words we have covered, glued in rhyming words that correlated to the poem and then made our own book. I'm looking forward to doing these throughout the year. It will be a great keepsake to take home in May.
I had my kids also find text evidence features in the text we were covering in class. Once they found the answers, I had them write them out on the dry erase boards....this is always fun as it involves markers =) I think it is important to start this early on as I know my own kids that are in higher grades still struggle with this. 
I was psyched to get my writing station up and going for October. I can't believe we are almost there already!! The kids were very excited to see the board when they walked it and ran over to grab the writing paper to get started right away! If that doesn't melt a teacher's!
I love that our school has a running club at recess (could be that I am a runner too =). Seriously, this is such a great motivator to our little friends in teaching them the importance of having healthy habits. Kids have to run laps on the soccer field. For every lap, they get a punch on a running foot. Then they earn prizes for every foot they turn in. The kiddos get super psyched.....especially on double punch day!!
He may look a little bigger than a Kindergartener. My own lil man is in Third Grade already =) LOL!

Have a great weekend!

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