Friday, September 12, 2014

Five for Friday: Station Success!

I just love Fridays! The weekend is almost here and we reflect on all of the great things we did during the week through our Five for Friday link party. We started our Apple Unit this week as well as beginning morning stations. Both were a success and the kids loved all of the activities presented to them. Here is our week in pictures.....
We began with making our anchor chart for apples in showing our KWL. The kids seemed fairly certain they knew quite a bit already about apples but came up with some good questions to investigate.
I love Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" as it teaches some great lessons in it. The kids made their own trees using their forearms for the tree trunk and hand print as the leaves. They then drew themselves just like the cover of the book! We also read an informational text about apples called "How do apples grow?". The kids then made a simplified sequencing apple activity to show the growth cycle and then we were able to go back to our KWL chart to fill in things that we learned. 

I'm just tickled with the Math Journals that we began this year. I think at least one more student catches on everyday and can now show a bit more detail in their illustrations. I need to venture into the poetry ones in the next week or so. Baby steps......

Well, I was very nervous starting my centers this week because it can be pretty hairy with lots of little bodies moving around aimlessly. I was shocked when it was smooth sailing the first time around! Woohoo! The kids were so excited....might be the play dough and iPad stations too =) They walked in the next morning asking if we were going to do them again as it was the best part of Kindergarten! I tried to keep each one fairly simple until we get the hang of it. Besides those two, we did a beginning apple sounds, pattern block templates, and matching numbers to ten frames activities. Things are starting to click and it makes me HAPPY!

I love that our district finds safety lessons to be important in our young friends. Once a month, we have officers come to teach different lessons. This month is fire safety and prevention. She always brings her dog which is a huge hit with the kids!

I'm getting ready to plan for next week. I will be teaching more about apples, starting Unit 1 in our Wonders Reading program, and teaching about Constitution Day on Wednesday. If you haven't seen the materials I created to commemorate the day, check it out here We the People: Let's Celebrate Constitution Day!

Have a great weekend!

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