Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday: Letters, sounds, & apples!

OMG! I wish I would've had a video taping in my room when this bright pink package arrived in our classroom from GoNoodle. The kids were squealing! They were even more excited to see that we received big stickers from the company from hitting the next level in the series. This was such a motivator for them (as if they didn't already love their brain breaks already =)

We read one of my faves this week..."Chrysanthemum" by Kevin Henkes. I found this cute little activity on pinterest and the kids really enjoyed it. They spelled out the letters in their name, wrote the number, filled in the ten frame and tallied. Great way to tie literacy in with math. Woot woot!
We do the Wonders Reading series in our room by McGraw Hill. The beginning unit focuses on the high frequency words I, can, and the. I created some interactive and differentiated books for the kids to make to reinforce these words in a fun way. I made one story for those kiddos that are just learning to pick up the repetition, another for those that need more of a challenge, and an interactive one for those hands on kiddos. You will even find a comprehension activity to use as an evaluation. Even one of my struggling readers jumped up and down when she read the approaching level that she couldn't believe she was reading. #whyiteach  Check it out here: Interactive & Differentiated Reader
We had some fun centers this week trying to reinforce our upper and lowercase letters with sounds. We did a matching game, spell it out (this was a bit too challenging but I know they will get it) using letters, rhyming and ending sounds. The kids are really doing well with transitioning between each station in the afternoon. In our Everyday Math series, the game 'Top It' was a hit. It is commonly called 'War' to us =)

I am so excited that they finally began our home. Digging commenced Monday morning and we already have basement walls in just four days. We are staying with my parents who live down the street so it is nice to take an evening walk to check it out every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love the letters in my name activity!! Congratulations on your new home - what an exciting time for you!!