Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Interactive and Differentiated High Frequency Books!

I am so excited!!! I finally finished my first interactive and differentiated high frequency book focusing on the words: I, can, the. They are the first three words in our Wonders Reading series and I wanted a book that would engage my little learners while getting them excited for reading. I tried it out with a few in my class and I heard squeals from those that didn't think they could read. It was so awesome! I made three different books with similar content as well as a comprehension check.  The first mini book is all interactive. It asks the student to color, cut and glue the letters in order to complete the high frequency word.
The next book is for those emerging readers that need to practice the repetitive phrases while writing the new words. I like these to build the confidence in my new readers. 
I also made a book for those kiddos that are a bit beyond the emerging levels and can write their sentences. I made a different comprehension check activity for this one too =)

I think this will appeal to every type of learner while engaging the kids in some fun activities!

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