Friday, November 20, 2015

Five for Friday: We've almost made it!

It's been a turkey of a week! We started with our anchor chart after reading fictional and informative texts. We also labeled the parts in helping my lil kinders do their activities. Our anchor wall is becoming so colorful =)

These books took a bit of a turn when I started designing them. I started with focusing on the words 'do', 'you', and 'see' because these are the ones we are studying right now. I then changed the theme to match Thanksgiving to make it more relatives to our lives right now. The kiddos are really getting much better at following the prompts independently. I am so proud of them! They are differentiated to meet the needs of all of my class and interactive too!

"A Plump and Perky Turkey" is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving book! I love every bit of the book. The class then made their own 'WANTED' posters similar to those in the stories using different mediums. They had a blast!

I found these cute templates on Pinterest and printed them in black and white so the kids could match the shapes and then color them accordingly. They were a major hit with everyone!

We did a little craft with Pilgrims and writing about things that we are thankful for in our lives. I was impressed with some of the thought that was put into them....thankful for freedom, army, mom & dad, teacher, cat, etc. If you haven't read the Junie B. Jones book related to her Thanksgiving celebration then you must. The list they comprise in the story is hilarious. We just finished the book this week and the kids are begging for a Christmas one.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your ideas are great! Just remember to breathe the next few weeks.☺️

  2. Your big Turkey made me smile! Great ideas! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break.

  3. Love the big turkey! A Plump and Perky was a favorite when I taught first grade.