Friday, November 6, 2015

Five for Friday: It's been a week!

I loved this cartoon. It was so appropriate for this past week for me. I had two conference nights, a book study club for school, and an evaluation!!! Did I mention my husband was out of town too? Craziness!

 Well, we were a little surprised to walk in Monday morning to find that our pumpkins had decomposed so quickly since Friday. The shrieks could have filled an entire haunted house. LOL! It was a great learning opportunity and we finished journaling about their characteristics.  

I absolutely love Fall. I might quite possibly love it more than Summer. Here are some of my favorite books we will read over the next several weeks.
We have been learning about text evidence in class quite a bit as I have noticed that my kinders have difficulty recalling events in a story. In our Wonders Reading program, the kiddos have leveled readers that we use everyday. I made some activities for them to use where they had to use their books in order to answer the questions. We practiced finding the words and copying them onto our paper to match the illustration. They did a great job...and it was during my evaluation. BONUS! =)

We made our very own turkey glyphs this week after reading "Thanksgiving is Here!". We discussed traditions that families may share and then the parts of a turkey before we began. Once completed, I hung them in our hall for parents to enjoy as they wait for conferences. The kids were shouting, "We are famous!" It was a riot! I put all of our fun into this little pack that you can grab for FREE out of my shop =) I have quite a few things that you can take a peak at if you are in need of some Thanksgiving printables for your classroom.

It was time to take our sweet Jack-O-Lanterns down and put something more festive up as we prepare for the next holiday. This is one of my favorite activities because I love hearing the "oooohs" and "aaaahs" as we make them. I only tell the kids that we are making a turkey and we complete the entire front side. Just when they think we are done, I have them flip it over and then we begin the Indian. They are perfect for the classroom because it doesn't matter which way they are turned. LOL! As promised, I took a picture of my anchor charts that continue to add some detail to our room. Next up, can you guess? =)

 We are off to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes play Saturday night. Can't wait!! 
Have a great weekend!

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