Friday, October 30, 2015

Five for Friday: Pumpkin Palooza!

Isn't this the truth?! I feel like we are constantly assessing. This week, however, we had lots of fun with pumpkins!

I have awesome parents this year that have made quite a few Scholastic book orders which helped us to earn some bonus points. I was able to get a lot of fine motor activities to give my kiddos some extra strength using those little muscles =) You would've thought it was Christmas day when I opened the box to tell them about the purchases I had made for our room. Look at the concentration in those little faces :-). Score!
We read TONS of pumpkin books this week that were informative and fictional. I will have to take a picture of my one wall in my room so you can see all of the anchor charts that have been hung. I did put all of the activities we did this week in my "Pumpkin Palooza!" pack that you can get from my shop on sale until this weekend . In fact, my entire shop is on sale until midnight on Saturday =)

So, I may have too many irons in the fire at the moment. I have conferences next week, plus my evaluation, a husband traveling, and two book studies that I am participating in. Did I mention that I am on the Science adoption committee too? EEK! This week was our first meeting for "Causes and Cures" which focused on how our brains work and some of the impulsivity we see in our students. I'm excited to see what I can learn in helping some of the kiddos in my room!

I stopped at the local farm on the way into work to grab some pumpkins. The kids were so excited to see them when they arrived on Monday. Little did they know they would be elbow deep in digging out seeds and guts. LOL! We did lots of things like measurements and observations before the scalpel began. I think they were amazed that some of their estimations of 50 seeds in a pumpkin were grossly under the actual number of 418! I then cooked them for the kids to test. Some really liked them while the gag reflexes kicked in with others. It definitely is a different texture. I am letting the pumpkins dry out and I created a journal page for them to monitor the date and the way the pumpkin has changed over time just like in "Pumpkin Jack". was a fun soccer season and I love watching my boys play but I think we are all soccered out between the practices and games of three players. My little guy was the last to finish up this past weekend and he earned his first trophy. He was so excited to finally have one like the big boys! The cupcake was a nice treat too =) We also carved our own pumpkins at home too =)  Happy Halloween and enjoy the extra hour of sleep this weekend!


  1. OMG your pumpkin palooza unit looks amazing! I'm going to have to buy for next year. It looks like the kids had so much fun:)

  2. Wow, these pictures are so much fun! I ♥ the play quote - we had our pumpkin patch field trip yesterday and I 100% agree! Thanks, Jen

  3. Love all the activities you done with the pumpkins in class! Congrats on your little boys first trophy - he looks so chuffed, bless him! Wow your pumpkins you carved at home are HUGE - they look great :)

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