Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday: Going Batty!

Ahhh.... report cards due next week, observation/evaluation, and conferences. I'm feeling' the heat! Here was our week in pics....

I'm psyched with how well my kids are coming along with their writing skills. They are doing a much better job adding details to their work and sounding out their words while writing. Mondays are my favorite writing day because I love hearing what they did over the weekend and sharing their personal stories.

We did bats all this week. These were some of the fictional and informational texts that we read...

We then compiled all of the information and put it on the large anchor chart shaped into a bat to display what bats are, have, and things they can do. 

I then wanted the kids to create their own bats. I made a stencil for them to trace with and then cut out before adding details. We then discussed the concepts of the story and listed the beginning, middle, and end of "Stellaluna". I absolutely love this story and so did the kids! I differentiated the activity by having some do their illustrations while others had to write words.

These were some of the other activities we did and I used them from my "Everything Bats!" pack I created. You can click on the link below if you want to take a peek =)

This was the second time we worked on high frequency sentences indicating selective words and identifying the difference between letters and words.  I was surprised how many of my kids couldn't differentiate between the two but they did much better this time around. Yeah!

In our Wonders reading series this week, we focused on learning the high frequency word 'like'. I made a differentiated and interactive high frequency book for them to review all of our words so far. They love making their own books and adding unique details. We assembled them so that they could read with a partner. Look at those smiles!
I love to see this...pointing to each word as he read. Great 1:1 correspondence and beginning reading skills.

I have a few that really enjoy getting into the coloring and making their own illustrations. Check out her work! It went onto our "Incredible" work wall.

This will be my weekend =(  My only highlight is doing the actual assessments and seeing how far they have come since August. Always makes my heart sing!

 This e-card had me cracking up! You know that you have those ones....LOL!
My four year old always says it is going to be fine with a thumbs up so I will just keep that image with me =)
On a complete side know those mornings, you are running late, yelling at everyone to get into the car, dictating items that are supposed to be in the car but have not made it, etc? That was this particular day. So when he walked out looking like this to go to daycare, I just started hysterically laughing. I so needed it! He got ready all on his own and that is all I could ask for =)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOL at your first picture,I definitely know how that feels- that's usually me by July (we finish later here). I love your class journals, they are just the cutest things ever! What do you do with them all at the end of year? Do you put them together in a book or anything? Good luck getting your reports done this weekend! LOVE the spongebob hat!

    Teaching Autism