Friday, December 4, 2015

Five for Friday: Is it Christmas Break Yet?!!

haha!!! December is definitely one of the most challenging months of the year for me =)

My kids all kept asking what anchor chart we were going next since we were done with the turkey. I had all of my holiday write the room cards out and just started creating after we were listening to Christmas music with the crackling of a fire. I started with the bricks and then added the mantle before I even decided to start grouping the words. The kids started calling out words that they wanted to be spelled and I began categorizing them. I couldn't believe the difference in their writing when they had the opportunity to use this all week. It was amazing! I will keep it up until break.

The first day back from break was so great. I had the music quietly playing, they were writing, and everyone was on task. Then reality set in on Tuesday when everything was back to normal. LOL!

Speaking of baking....this little one woke up extremely early and asked to bake cookies before school. You can see the large smile on his face (and the blackness of the morning in the windows)...hahahaha. He took some of our snickerdoodles to share with this friends so all was good! treadmill has died and I was extremely sad as I am on this every morning for an hour while watching my soap. I was telling my husband that it seemed to have a real bounce to it lately. You can imagine my surprise when I hear him calling me to come take a look. He lifted up the belt to expose the board that is broken and cracked all the way across. Luckily, it was cyber Monday! Merry Christmas to me! I explained that he could pay for therapy for me or replace it as it would be like not having a vehicle for me. For real! On the down side, the new one doesn't arrive for two weeks. EEEEKK! 

We've been reading all kinds of reindeer books this week and the kids made their own along with a writing activity!

Update on the punch cards....I am still in love with them! I created and added new components over the holiday break so the kids were a little surprised to see the different template this week. These were great to show at conferences and it gives me affirmation that I am covering all of my standards. I also love that I conference with each kiddo in the morning to see their understanding of the material.

Have a great day!


  1. Wow! you are such a great mom! Time for baking cookies before school??? Never heard of it. Love the cute Rudolphs!

  2. Oh wow - it looks like you were up VERY early to make those cookies! Love the sunglasses though! Love all your reindeer books and the craft - looks like you've had a great week!

    The run sounds like it was so much fun! Your outfit is fab! I also LOVE your sock collection and how you wear a different one every day LOL! The choir concert looks like it was lovely!

    Teaching Autism

  3. LOVE the environment that your classroom has! It looks so relaxing and inviting. Definitely sets the stage to engage! The reindeer craft looks adorable :)

  4. I love those hanging Santas! So cute:)