Friday, December 11, 2015

Five for Friday: Winter Minions, Hanukkah, & Directed Drawing

I saw this quote this week and I loved it! So true!

This was something I found on Pinterest and I will definitely be searching for more. It was a directed drawing with a reindeer. I always post a sample on the board for the kids to use as a model while they are working so I thought this would really be a challenge. However, I was just tickled with the variety they made =) We read "Who'll Pull Santa's Sleigh Tonight?" to tie it all in.
So, I told you that I don't like coming back from break with the previous holiday still up so we made Winter Minions to decorate our wall. The kiddos wrote about the 'MINION of reasons we love Winter!'.


Lots of informational text and fictional stories about Hanukkah this week as we read about the holiday. I had some old wall paper books that they cut up to make their candles on the menorah. I was able to find a cute snack to make as a dreidel because who doesn't love a snack when learning?! LOL! Kiddos put frosting around their marshmallow before rolling in sprinkles. They added a pretzel and a Hershey kiss to top it off. It was a hit and they were begging for more!

This was my own creation because I really couldn't find anything to go with this book and I love Mrs. Wishy Washy!! We talked about the elements of the story and then made the bath tub to display our work =) I enjoyed reading their connections to the story. Hilarious!

 I would hide in the barn.
 I would run to my grandma's.
I would run away to the farm. 
 I would go to Mexico. (LOL)
I'm sure many of you will be having lots of holiday gatherings coming up and this was a fun game my sons and nieces played together that I thought I would share. It is similar to the HEADBANDZ game where you have to guess the word. They downloaded the app "Charades! Kids" and then you put the word on your forehead for the others to guess. Lots of squeals and laughs with this one!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love all the cute artwork! Those Reindeer Drawings are Adorable!

    1. Thank you! It was a busy week but we definitely strengthened those fine motor skills =)

  2. I love your artwork! That menorah turned out great!

  3. The minions are so cute! The quote at the top so accurately sums up my life at the moment...definitely true!