Friday, January 8, 2016

Five for Friday: We're baaaaaacccckk!

I felt like this happened to me ALL week. LOL!! 
Getting back into the swing is so hard on everyone =)

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a nice, long, and relaxing break. We jumped in with both feet this week and got ourselves back on track. Here were some of our highlights.....

Over the break, I made this little number up to reinforce those high frequency words we have done thus far in our Wonders Reading program. I added a snowflake under each word so that I could see them using their one to one correspondence. I also wanted to check comprehension so I added those at the bottom. I thought we could all use a little FREEBIE to ease us back into the school year so feel free to grab it in my shop =) 

I loved having the time to spend with my boys. I also had my nieces over the one day so we did a Polar Express theme to set us up for Christmas. I grabbed some items from the store and let the kids made a train out of graham crackers and frosting. They came out really cute =)

I told you that my treadmill broke and the new one finally arrived. It seriously took three weeks but better late than never. Baby Papa Bear...You can see there is quite the size difference. LOL! My husband wants to replace the board in the old one to give away to someone but I want to cut the belt off to show how much use it got (it's cracked all of the way across). I LOVE the new one. It has iFIT so I can use google maps to make my runs. This morning, I mapped out Hilton Head and ran a familiar route that I do when we vacation in the summer. Really neat =)

I usually do Jan Brett in January to go along with the Winter theme. We read "The Hat" this week and made a fun craft to go along with it. 

We were busy taking down all of the holiday items and prepping the room for Winter. It is my absolute least favorite season. I do like the big comfy clothes and fires though =) We decorated our room with these snowman mobiles. I also was able to grab a few different trapezoid tables to replace the circle ones in hopes of minimizing all of the chatting going on during our work time. Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend!


  1. If I ever get to pick out my own classroom furniture, it will be all trapezoid tables so they can be separated or pushed together as needed.

  2. That meme about sums up my week, too! Actually, my class wasn't too bad. I was exaggerating! Congratulations on breaking your treadmill! I have an elliptical that is just starting to get regular use. It is in no danger of breaking anytime in the near future. Love your graham cracker trains!
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. I love your craft that goes along with "The Hat." Jan Brett is one of our January favorites!