Friday, January 29, 2016

Five for Friday: Goodies from the week!

This was my fortune in my cookie this week. Couldn't agree with it more and it serves as a daily reminder. I took a pic so I wouldn't forget!

We've had so much going on this week that we will be celebrating 100 days over a couple of days. LOL! I made a few activities to do in class. I gave the kids the dotters and they made 10 dots in 10 squares while reviewing our counting skills.
I'm sure you have seen the aging photo booth on the internet and Pinterest. I have to say that most kids found it funny. I think it bothered some but we talked about how age changes our bodies and this was NOT how they were going to look. It is just a fun app. =) They glued their two pictures on the front and then wrote about what they will be doing when they are 100.

"I will sit in a wheel chair. I will have grandchildren. I will live in a nursing home."

We have been studying arctic animals for the past several weeks. Our Guiding Readers this week was from"Ice Bear". It is an informational text that tells all about polar bears. We learned that their skin is really black and that their hairs are hollow making them look white. Kids were given black construction paper with white chalk to blend in. They came out really great!

I finally finished my Differentiated Text Evidence pack for Arctic Animals since we finished our unit. I always have the kids do the activities to make sure they all work well. They did a fabulous job. I think you will find a lot of great information in teaching your kids about the walrus, polar bear, narwhal, and penguin. There are three reading levels per animal to meet the needs of your kids as well as a fun 'label the parts' for each animal. I've posted it in my shop and it will be on sale through Sunday (along with some other goodies too). Click on the link below!

I have really been struggling with behaviors in my classroom. I adore each kiddo in my room...I seriously do. However, when you mix some of these personalities, it gets a little crazy. I spent all of last weekend making these. We are working on being kind, listening, working hard, raising hands, and cleaning up. If they are struggling then they flip the card. At the end of the day, we will in the daily check in cards that they take home. A parent signature is required each night. It has made a difference this week. I hope these will be great anecdotal notes for my files too =)

We've been fighting some germs in our house this week. The amount of work that goes into preparing for a sub is insane but finding subs has been incredibly hard too =(
 Trying to strengthen those bellies back....
 Happy to finally get out of the house early in the morning. I had to actually capture the moment! 

Have a good weekend!


  1. I love your daily check in sheets! Your kiddoes look so happy and full! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love how much everyone is so into the 100th day celebration over there! I love seeing what everyone has been up to with it! I love all the behaviour management strategies you've put into place - glad you're all feeling better too, winter bugs are the worst - UGH!! Have a great weekend!

    Teaching Autism

  3. The 100th day writing is great. :) We read Ice Bear last week; I was not familiar with it, but I really enjoyed it. My kiddos (and I) learned many new facts. Have a great weekend!

    A Very Curious Class