Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Five for Friday!

This had me laughing so hard. It is so me! I could live in Target...I love it that much! It is my sanctuary for when I have had a bad day =)

We finished up celebrating our 100 days on Monday. Who would've thought that 100 Solo cups could provide such enjoyment? Kids had a blast making creations and sharing with their peers. We matched Hershey kiss numbers to our 100 chart, made designs using 100 tangrams, and did lots of writing about things we would do when we turn 100. Each of the kiddos also brought in a little baggy from home containing 100 items and we sorted them by 10s. Our last activity was making gumball machines with our dot markers. It sure was a busy day but fun was had by all!

I was really pleased with the creativity put into making pictures using the cut outs from 1-0-0!

We couldn't slow down after Monday as Tuesday was the famous Groundhog Day. We read LOTS of books, both informative and fictional, related to the little animal. We then made our own groundhogs and wrote about whether or not we would want to see our own shadows based on the weather predictions =)

You might be wondering why we are still reading about Gingerbread..LOL! I'm still trying to finish up my Jan Brett unit. So many great books that I don't want to skip over. We used my story map page and dissected "Gingerbread Baby" in its entirety. They did a fabulous job!

I'm prepping for next week and getting my Valentine pack out. It will be on sale for you! Lots of goodies in this little bundle.  I made write the room activities, high frequency, postal system fun (write a letter, learn to address an envelope, etc.), valentines scrambles, ABC order, fix it ups, vocabulary cut and paste, text connection activities for two books PLUS a craft!

I also have a conversation heart FREEBIE activity for you too!

 Have a great weekend!

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