Friday, February 12, 2016

Five for Friday: February 12th

I finished my last observation this week and I couldn't be happier. Yippee!!

So this happened this week....I have some kids in my class that play "shopping" during our game time. When I got the paper on Sunday,  I decided to keep the ads to let the kids cut out in creating their own shopping board. Oh my word...they were sooooo excited when I shared with them my idea. They quickly began cutting out pictures and gluing them onto their "Kinder Shop". We hung it up and I game them a template with a designated shopping list. For instance, on this day, they had to go grocery shopping so they were copying down the names of food, drawing a picture, and writing the price down for each one. They had so much fun and didn't even realize all of the standards they were covering =)

Another fun writing activity we do in our room is going through magazines and finding some fun pictures. The kids will cut it out and glue it to the top of writing paper. They will then create a fun story to go along with it.

We were covering Valentine's and President's Day all week.  This activity was a great one for fine tuning those little motor skills. They tore the paper into little pieces and glued them onto a heart. I gave them a writing prompt and they had to tell who they loved.

We read a lot of books about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. On this particular day, we made Abe with long strips of black paper for his beard. On his tall hat, we wrote about something we would like to do during our presidency if we became a president one day.  This little friend said that she wanted freedom in America =)

"I would help others."

"I would go on vacation."

"If I was president, I would be funny."
~I also introduced the class to 'Kid President' who is absolutely hilarious. I think that prompted this friend to write this comment. 

For my observation, I had the kids doing our normal afternoon rotations. It was a little hectic...some computer glitches, another licked glue, someone farted (and you know how well that goes over in a Kindergarten classroom), but it is what it is. It's my daily life. The kids were divided into five groups- computers, math graphing with conversation heart, interactive poetry, iPads math app, and this long and short vowel activity that I made last weekend. My kids are really having a hard time with the two sounds each vowel makes. I wanted them to have an interactive activity that could clearly show the difference between the two sounds while using illustrations. It went well in the lesson so I am just hoping they retain it for future use =)
Enjoy the long weekend!!

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  1. Great ideas! I love doing the magazine pictures with my class too! But I've been cutting and gluing the pictures myself, then I keep them in a binder for the kids to choose which one they want. Just having them cut out their own pictures would save me a lot of time! :)
    Thanks! Megan @