Friday, February 26, 2016

Five for Friday: Psyched for Seuss and March goodies!

I am known for being pretty honest and upfront but I always want that in return. If there is a problem then let's fix it! =)

I'm really done with winter. Bring on Spring! I love the month of March because I feel like we are making that turn to warmer weather and the kids seem to grow exponentially. It's also when I do my Dr. Seuss Unit!! Here is my bookshelf for the next couple of weeks....

We had to get our room ready for all of the fun we are going to have so I read "The Cat in the Hat". We then made mobiles to hang....

So, it's no secret, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Target. In their dollar spot, they have TONS of Seuss things! I created a little writing center with all of the goodies I bought. I even put together some mixed-up sentences for them to write out on the lined dry erase boards. I also glued some pompoms to the tops of the markers for easy erasing. It was a major success!

These were the other mobiles we did to add some variety to our room. I gave them the balloon template and they decorated with tissue paper. I love all of the colors! The kids wrote about a place they would like to go. There were some very interesting answers =)

I couldn't finish out the month of February without some dental health lessons. We read MANY fictional and informative texts related to teeth and tooth fairies. One story even told about the traditions of losing a tooth all of the world. We are not the only country that puts a tooth under a pillow but others throw them from a rooftop. It was really neat! Kids made a large toothbrush with their names on the toothpaste. For each bristle, they wrote about one rule they learned in keeping healthy teeth.

I even involved my own family in dental health awareness. We went to our regular six month appointments. Even though I really hate teeth, probably because I always seem to have an issue, I really love our dental staff. They are so great with us! I can make an appointment for myself and the three boys all at the same time! They line us up! LOL! My little guy said it was way too bright so they gave him some cool shades to wear. He did so well. We all got cleanings, flouride treatments, and x-rays. The boys made out great! I thought I was in the clear...he looked at my teeth, flipped the light off, and said good bye until he realized I had x-rays taken. Then it was the long looking...blowing up the picture, beads of sweat coming...decay under a filling. UGH! I have a serious problem getting numb. He hypothesizes that my adrenaline may run too fast and doesn't absorb the medicine. Could be why my epidurals didn't take either. Luckily, he has narrowed it down to a good cocktail that gets me fairly numb. So, the tooth is fixed and hopefully I won't have to go back until our net six month check ups. EEK! It was a productive week, though. We did dental and doctor appts. accomplished PLUS my little guy is signed up for a Transitional Kindergarten class for the next school year. YIPPEE!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Some lovely ideas here and what great things you found at your Target store - I really wish we had them over here in England! Dr. Seuss is the best and I think the boys really enjoy reading these stories (particularly those that struggle with reading at times) so hope you all have fun in your class :) Lovely to meet through the Five for Friday linky - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. Love all your Dr. Seuss ideas! I have got to get to Target quick! I hope some of those goodies are left.
    Have a great weekend!
    Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree

  3. Isn't this the best week coming up! Gotta love Suess. I learned to read with Green Eggs and Ham, I swear! I love the tissue balloon idea- easier than what I was going to do. Thanks for sharing. Kathleen

  4. I love Dr. Seuss Week! Cute ideas! I need to get to Target!
    Megan ~

  5. Wow, that balloon project is too cute! Thank you for such a wonderful idea, I am definitely going to use this one for my classroom! Green Eggs and Ham is always my go too, but this will get my first graders minds moving in such a different direction! They already have their own whiteboards, so I am also going to make some of those sentence cards. Thank you! p.s: I love target dollar spot too :)

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry