Friday, March 4, 2016

Five for Friday: Seuss spectacular!

It was Seuss ALL.WEEK. LONG! It will be a quick post because I think most of the pictures sum up the lessons we did plus it was a long conference night. Thank goodness for Cuddle Up and Read Day tomorrow =) We read "Horton Hears a Who" and reviewed our question words.

I absolutely love "The Lorax". It touches on so many great lessons. We made truffula trees with our high frequency words we have covered this year. Kids then got with a partner and practiced reading them up and down.
I was stumped with an extension activity for "If I Ran the Zoo" so we got out magazines and created our own characters. After creating our own animal, we wrote a fictional story to go along with it. 
I have to say that this has been my most favorite winter! We have lucked out with the temperatures rising into the 60s in Ohio on some occasions. Just enough to give a fresh breath of air to hold us over a few more weeks until Spring. I didn't miss hardly having any snow. In fact, we have enjoyed many weekends at the local park. Look how excited my little guy is too =)

Also last weekend was our school talent show. Some of the faculty in our building, including myself, did a lip sync battle. The kids always love seeing the staff perform! Can you tell it was team blue vs. team green? LOL!

I had to throw in some math and "One Fish, Two Fish" was a great opportunity to do so! The kids made their own fish in a bowl and wrote out the equations below.

It was a busy week and there will still be some more goodies to come! Here is a freebie if you are looking for some whole group activity fun. Have a great weekend!