Friday, March 11, 2016

Five for Friday Fun: March 11th

It has been a very busy week and my husband is traveling so I definitely can say that I am doing my best =) One more week until Spring Break! Yippee!

We brought Spring inside and decorated our classroom door. I made a bunny Olaf that my five year olds detected right away. Unfortunately, my husband asked why I put elephant ears on a snowman =) We put our fine motor skills to work in creating some flowers. They look great!

I started reading some fictional and informative stories about St. Patrick's Day. I actually learned quite a bit in the Gail Gibbons book about the history of the holiday. Each of the kids put together a rainbow with the writing prompt "If I found a leprechaun and he gave me six wishes, I would wish for a rainbow of things." On each color, they wrote one wish they would want granted. We hung them right outside our door for everyone to see. 

I grabbed my little guy a new outfit for Easter. Being the third boy, I feel like I need to get him something new every once in a while. Right next to those jazzy shorts was an adorable matching dress. Of course, I had to buy it for my beautiful niece who looks absolutely adorable in it. During the change of our 'fancy clothes', he managed to find the Trump wig from Halloween and had a ball running around in it. LOL! Always keeping us in stitches!

The kids have absolutely LOVED all of our Dr. Seuss books because they can read many of the words in them. I made a center for them to look through their favorite books while filling out a story map (characters, setting, beginning, middle, end, and story connection). Another page is doing some text evidence work =)

This was the hit of the week! I made a rekenrek for each little kiddo in my class using pipe cleaners and beads. We are working on sums up to 10 so I used that many beads in two different colors. This tactile way of doing simple addition facts really made quite a difference in a lot of my learners. They will keep them at their seats until they've mastered them. I did make a few extra for some of my struggling mathematicians to take home and practice as well =)

We are in the countdown to Spring Break. I can't wait! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the rainbows & the flowers! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Love the leprechaun wishes idea. Pin! And I had to do a double take on the trump hair photo :) See you around. Kathleen

  3. Cute! Cute! Cute! I love the Olaf bunny. I'm going to have to try those flowers out with my kinder cubs. Enjoy your weekend!! Linda's Learning Loot

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