Sunday, July 27, 2014

Less than three weeks...time to get ready for Open House!

I am very excited as I get to meet my new teaching group tomorrow morning! Our school district is transforming from a part time K program to a full time one so more teachers were needed. I have to admit that our schedule was a little crazy (Tuesday/Thursday class and a Wednesday/Friday group with alternating Mondays) but I really did enjoy having the different dynamics. I learned things that I needed to tweak if it didn't work with the one class so that it was more effective with the other one. Plus, my planning was so much easier! There are many pros and cons but I'm looking forward to the change. As I am thinking about the things we will need to discuss, I realized that our Open House is in three weeks! Our kiddos come to Meet the Teacher before school actually begins so that they feel comfortable in their surroundings before that first day. I have a lot set up for the incoming kiddos with their parents. It is a great opportunity to have parents sign up for volunteering, conferences (less cancellations when they make their own appointments =), request donations, sign up for directories, and much more. I like to have it all set up in different spots in the room so that I have time to talk with each of my new students and meet their families. I made a pack of all these goodies in my shop called 'Open House Hullabaloo!' if you are interested in these resources. What are some things you do to get ready for your incoming class?

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