Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My very first Wordless Wednesday!

I like to see the posts on Second Grade's Sugar and Spice (  for her Wordless Wednesdays but I never know what picture I would display. Well, I was in my classroom today and I know exactly what I want to ask all you teachers out there....what do you do for behavior management techniques? I've never had a behavior chart in my room for numerous reasons but I really had a challenging group last year and feel like I might want to try one out. I definitely want something that is positive that promotes good choices all day long but yet is not distracting to our routines. I'm excited to hear all of your ideas =) Thanks to Christina for hosting!


  1. I had a chart very similar to the one in your picture last year. We are adopting the system school-wide this year. I like that kids can move up and down throughout the day. Kids and parents responded positively last year.

    I'm from Ohio too (Northeast). Where are you from? I'm your newest follower.

    A Very Curious Class

  2. Hi Amanda! I am down in Medina in Highland Local Schools. Where are you?! I'm so glad to hear that this was successful for your kiddos and well received with the parents. I am going to get going with making the signs. Did you use the exact sayings that are in the picture? Any other things you would change? Thanks so much!!

    1. I teach in Alliance. I actually did not put any words on my chart last year. My principal gave me permission to change my plan like 2 days before Christmas break, so I jumped on it and made one that night! We are using this one building-wide this year.