Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday: Lucky Leprechaun activities on Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th Betty

It may be Friday the 13th but we did an entire week of St. Patrick activities with leprechauns and gold! I read several stories and did writing prompts to go along with them. I'm so proud of my kids and how far they have come in their writing this year. 

"I feel lucky when I'm with my Aunt because she takes me to the spa."
~I love this one! She would be my favorite aunt too. LOL!

"I feel lucky when I get to go to McDonald's and my dad lets me have a milkshake. I feel lucky when my Grandma comes up."

This was a cute activity by The Teacher Wife that I found. The kids did an awesome job!
"My dad because I like his hugs."
"My grandpa because he gives lots of hugs."
"I love my Mama more than a pot of gold because she is nice to me."
"I like Daniel because he is special to me."

We have been working on story structures.  I read a leprechaun story called "If I Had a Green Nose". After discussing the characters in the story, place, and plot, we talked about the beginning, middle, and ending of the story. The kids had to write and make an illustration for each one. 
My kiddos absolutely love this game! I started making the game with our high frequency words that we have been working in our Wonders program. It was such a success that I moved onto Numbers to 100. They kept begging for more! I added CVC words to the bunch and posted them for FREE in my shop. I hope you check it out and find it useful for your kids!

My son joined a Rube Goldberg club this winter. He is the founder of making complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks. This group was told that they needed to make something that could zip a zipper. They called themselves the magicians and used a deck of cards, dominoes and more to make their gadget work. They came in second place! I was so happy for them!!

This is a cute story called "Clever Tom and the Leprechaun". It prompted us to discuss leprechauns and wishes. Each kiddo made a rainbow into a cloud and had to write a wish on each strip. There were lots of animals =)

We are finally moving into our home this weekend! We are so excited!! 
Have a great weekend!

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