Friday, March 6, 2015

Five for Friday: Seusstastic week in Kindergarten!

I am so excited to share all of the fun we had in our Seusstastic room this week! Lots of learning with tons of fun =) I tried to focus on a different book each day with a new concept for the kiddos. Check out our pics....

This was an AWESOME book to help with teaching cause and effect. After reading the story, we mapped out eat cause with its effect on the lorax I made. The kids then put their fine motor skills to use when we covered paper plates with orange tissue squares, yellow handprints and then adding details with construction paper. They came out adorable!

I absolutely adore "The Cat in the Hat". I have even painted my son's bedroom in it. After reading the story, I made a little glyph activity for the kids to do. I also forgot to add that the stripes in their hats represented their age. The kids love making glyphs and the squeals after each direction is priceless as they race to make the next part.

Who doesn't just love "Horton Hears a Who!"? I think the movie was darling too.  After reading the story, I thought this would give me a great opportunity to review the 5 question words with the kids. They find it confusing when we try reading them in class quite often. I made a little person next to 'who', a popped balloon next to 'why', a clock next to 'when', a globe next to 'where', and a question mark next to 'what'. The kids traced a stencil on gray paper before cutting out Horton. They then added details with the pompom for the speck of dust before cutting out the letters and pics around Horton.  Each elephant was very unique =)

We also did some Seuss stations in helping us read digital and analog clocks, reviewing the shape of lowercase letters, matching numbers to tallies/ten frames, and a writing lesson. You are probably going to be surprised that my class hasn't played 'I have, who has' yet this year. We did it with numbers earlier in the week and the kids had a blast! So, I made the game with the high frequency words we have done in our Wonders reading program thus far. Great practice for everyone. 

You can't finish the week without "One Fish, Two Fish"! I cut out fish bowls and had my little kinders use Qtips to make the dots of their water. We need as much fine motor practice as we can get. They picked out some fish and added the details to them before gluing down. It worked out well as we have been learning about animal habitats this week too. Woot Woot! They wrote their own color words out as well as the math equation to represent their fish. 

I'm prepping my lessons for next week with my Shamrock Literacy and Math differentiated activities. I did a few this week and the kids did a super job! You can check it out in my shop!

Have a great weekend! So excited that the temps are finally going to get into the 50s in Ohio next week =)

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