Friday, February 27, 2015

Five for Friday: We made it all 5!

Despite all of the snow and frigid temps this week, we managed to make it all 5 days of school this week! Woohoo! I will be so excited when Spring is here so the kids stop asking me every night if I think school will be on a delay or canceled in the morning =)
We found a cool place this week to help wipe those winter blues away and get our bodies moving! It is called Skyzone and my kids had a blast! Tons of trampolines, foam blocks, dodgeball, and more. It was very organized and clean which impressed me. The kids bounced and played for over an hour plus had loads of fun. I wish I could take my class on a field trip here. LOL!We will definitely be going back again!

Here was our 5 for Friday........

I loved the TpT sale as I was able to purchase quite a bit of clip art from Melonheadz. I love her stuff! My favorite bundle I bought was creating the kidlettes. I made this little one to represent our class and put our name on her shirt. I think I could spend all day making kids to represent my class. Such a cute idea!

Our school does a talent show every year and I LOVE IT! It is so nice to see other talents that the kids possess. In adding to the excitement, the teachers always do a number for the kiddos. This year we did a glow in the dark number to a variety of songs. It was a hit!

I changed up our thematic board for February and March. My kiddos LOVE our writing station.  I try to make it interactive to keep them engaged. In this pic, my kiddo has a pipe cleaner and was stringing the words onto them. This time of year is exciting to see the growth of their skills in reading and writing.

I really have been working hard on text evidence with my kiddos. They have been doing an awesome job on my short 'a' stories I created and it gives them additional practice with the word families. The kiddos think of these as a game so it is fun and educational! You can see the differentiated versions as it challenges them more with tally marks and sentence writing. If you would like to check it out in my store, here is the link:

So even though time and money are not included in our K curriculum, I still think it is important to be introduced. I absolute LOVE this book. It teaches time perfectly and in such a way that their little minds understand it. The book explains the tiniest chunks of time in seconds to the large chunks of time in the millennium. I then had ordered the small Judy clocks for the kiddos to practice during our group time. We did time to the hour and then converted them on our digital templates. They did an awesome job!

Along those same lines, I like to introduce money when we are learning about the Presidents. The kids always manage to remember the penny because it is brown and the quarter because it is large but tend to mix up the others. Just as I did with the 3d shapes, I renamed our tables to coins and their worth. When we line up or switch during centers, I use the coin name or how much it is worth. I really think the constant exposure helps with the acquisition of knowledge. I find them constantly referencing the signs when I am calling them out. Love it!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey! Found you on the linky. I really like your text evidence worksheets -especially that they are differentiated!