Friday, February 6, 2015

Five for Friday! February 6th

We had quite a weather week! We had Monday off for a huge snowstorm that came through on Sunday night along with about 400 other schools but then we had another on Thursday! A second round of snow came through but they couldn't keep up with it. I do love snow days at home with my boys. Always lots of baking with a movie =) Today we made cut out cookies and buckeye balls. YUM!

I absolutely adore my dentist! I see him much more than I would prefer but he's very good. It seems like when I am in the midst of stressful times in my life, my teeth go down the tubes. I recently had a root canal that took a couple of visits and went this week with all of my sons for our check ups. We even put the lil guy in the chair this time so he gets used to going too. She showed him all of the tools, how they work, let the chair go up and down, turn the light on and off, count his teeth, PLUS flip through the TV above him. He did wonderfully! Next time, they will take all four of us at the same time. How awesome is that?! Great way to celebrate dental health month =)

This blog post will be a bit more personal since we missed so much school this week. My middle son seems to be having some challenging moments at school. We never heard from the teachers in our last district but now that I am in close proximity with his teachers, I hear everything. There are definitely pros and cons to having your own children in the district where you teach. I love being able to see my kids during the days, knowing their curriculum, and being on the same schedule. It is more challenging when issues arise. He has always been my easy kiddo out of the three and has loved school....until this year when I brought him to my district. I'm not sure if his lack of focus is due to the level of difficulty this year or if we are seeing ADD tendencies =( I made a positive reinforcement game for us to try but I have also reached out to my pediatrician. We will see what happens. I know we are all stressed....waiting for our home to be finished and new surroundings this year has been a lot. It has been much more challenging than I would have ever imagined. I am so thankful that my parents have been absolutely wonderful having us intermittently. They love all of us and have had an immense amount of patience with five people living with them. I am hoping that some pattern shows up on this chart. His teacher will indicated if he is not using his eyes or ears and/or completing assignments on this.  Fingers crossed =)

I am thankful that we were able celebrate our 100th day. We've had so many delays and snow days that we have tried to maintain an accurate account of school days. I like to read Vickie Plant's Press blog and she shared a lot of ideas that she does to celebrate her 100 days with her class. I also found TONS and I mean TONS of ideas on Pinterest. In the morning, we took the numbers in 100 and made pictures. They really came out adorable. In the afternoon, I set up eight stations and had 2-3 kids at each one. They used 100 marshmallows to make sight words, 100 solo cups and unified cubes to create structures,  match the hershey kiss number to the numbers on our 100 chart, roll a dice to 100, sorting ten pieces of a snack on ten different circles of a sorting mat, a gumball machine using dot painters to make 100 gumballs, and pattern block creations. The kids had a blast!

We definitely had a lot going on this week with celebrations when our volunteer fire department came in to do their monthly safety lessons.  They always do fun things with the kids including smoke houses and bringing their labs in to share with our class. This week they dressed up to show the kids what they would look like if they had to come into the home to save them from a fire. They put their full gear on which made it more real along with their breathing tanks so the kids heard the noise it made. All of them practiced crawling on the ground and were given the opportunity to put on the equipment. In the older grades, they talked about fires when cooking in the home and how to put out grease fires.  Very informative!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! It looks like a lot of the activities set out for the day worked right, most especially your kid's dental appointment. I'm glad that he did well and that the results are good. Just goes to show that with skilled workers doing their job right, each of the tasks we have to go through can be adventures, as well as points in a continuing positive transformation. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to your family!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

  2. The “I can do it” is a great way to monitor a child’s performance. Not only does it make monitoring them easier, it could also be fun approach for the children. Anyway, it’s nice that your dentist could attend to all four on the same day. It must've been a very busy day for him, but children are usually easier to check, especially if they cooperate. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, Kimberly. Have a great day!

    Benny Murray @ Dental Care of South Jersey