Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Have a Conversation! FREEBIE

My kids are so geared up for the upcoming holiday party on Friday. Combine that excitement with all of the indoor recesses due to the frigid temps and you get LOTS of energy in the room. Valentine's Day is always a favorite around here with the decorated boxes, cards, and candy. I needed to turn some of this energy into educational and meaningful concepts ASAP. I kept looking for things on Pinterest for activities to do with conversational hearts but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I made these activities to be engaging and fun! I only make things that I know will be beneficial to my kids and it is always a plus when I hear them squealing with excitement! There are some great math activities (graphing, tallies, and simple addition) with conversational writing too!

Here are some action pics of my kiddos !
I had them sort their candies by color first and then they graphed them. It made it much easier and then they could tally them easily. 

I found it easier for some kiddos to line one heart on each number so they could write the message better. You could differentiate the bottom by having the student just copy the saying or challenge them more with using them in a sentence.

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