Friday, April 15, 2016

Five for Friday: April 15th

This has been me all week. I was flying solo with the kids since Sunday and hit a few rough patches. Definitely looking forward to the weekend...and it's supposed to be warm! Yeah!!

We continued with our plant unit this week and read "The Tiny Seed". We got the watercolors out to make our own flowers. We then discussed the items that could harm or help the seed in the story. They did a great job!

This book is great in talking about the food chains and why we need them. Several different chains are discussed in the book but we chose to illustrate one of them. They seemed to really get a handle on the concept.

 Who can study plants and not include a fairy tale? We studied "Jack and the Beanstalk". We made our very own with the elements from the story on each leaf. I really liked some of the giants the kids made with their illustrations.

Now that we are finishing up our plants, I put everything we used (plus MORE!) into a pack and placed it in my shop. You can get a preview here or check it out on the link below.

The hubby was out of town for business this week. It seems that when he does his long travel periods that everything hits the fan. He wasn't even gone an hour when the littlest guy went on my treadmill while he had it running and got his face real good. His lip is almost back to normal size. My oldest jumped off his bed and landed on an's in a million pieces. My saving grace was that soccer was canceled which kept my sanity. LOL! I had to attach a pic of his bag because it has become a joke in our family with the way he packs. Everything is in color coded bags. White means that they are clean before transferring into the blue ones for dirty clothes. He also was able to travel with his new bag he got for Christmas. He had a great week traveling though and the boys loved having fun dinners =) 

I was excited to order this for my half marathon coming up next month. I will be running with some great friends and we each got our own colors. It should be fun but I definitely need to hit the pavement as I have been just on my treadmill all winter.
Definitely looking forward to feeling the warm sun on my face this weekend....even if it is at soccer games.LOL!

Have a restful weekend!


  1. we're learning about plants too! I hope you have a great weekend, hang in there :)

  2. I love your flower and food chain activities! Looks like you have your hands full with all those boys, lol! Of course they wait until hubby is gone to turn it up a notch!