Friday, April 1, 2016

Five for Friday: Why do short weeks seem so long?

I'm so guilty of this...I brought the laptop and my assessment data all the way to Florida last week but didn't get to them at all. 

We had a great family trip to Florida. We spent three days at Universal and got in TONS of walking. I was proud of my boys as they did 21 miles between the first two days!
We have two older boys and one young one. I love the age difference as it adds such a great dynamic to our family. It was a little tricky on this trip though. The big boys wanted to do Harry Potter and the bigger rides while I spent the majority of our time in Seuss Landing. It was super cute! The older two hung out for a bit before they went off with their dad to their own destinations.

I think we rode this train about 4-5 times. You could see the sneetches in the lakes below!
 They liked "One Fish, Two Fish" because you could squirt water all over. LOL!
My snuggle bug =)
They had a HUGE Seuss playland!
The teen taking selfies as we left...

When we returned to school Tuesday morning, we jumped right into Spring! We talked about the seasonal changes (although, in Ohio, anything is possible...65 today but snow this weekend..ugh!) and then made umbrellas using wallpaper books. The kids added raindrops and wrote a sentence on each about the things they liked best about Spring. They are hanging from our ceiling from the classroom.

I love the story "Diary of a Worm". It gave us a great opportunity to discuss fantasy vs. realism. We wrote down all of our ideas on paper and then created a worm. On the front, we did fantasy where we added an eye and hat (boys)/bow (girls) while writing all of our ideas down. On the back, we wrote the facts we learned about worms. They came out really cute. 

I love Deedee Wills guided readers series. I should clarify that I love the ideas behind them but not necessarily the books they chose. So, I took some of them and applied them to the stories I like to read with the kiddos. This week, we did "Chick 'n Pug". It's a great story and I chose to use some vocabulary presented in the story (such as 'sidekick') and a connection piece about having a hero. The kiddos had to write about their own hero. This little darling said that I was her hero because 'she helps us learn'. This makes every day in the classroom so worthwhile =)

It's been a very long week. It was midnight when we walked in the door the night before we returned to school. After showering, getting kids to bed, finding devices to get charged, and starting laundry, we were around 1 am. I was up at 5 to continue laundry so the littles had their undergarments and make a run to the grocery store for lunch necessities. This is what laundry for 5 people looked like for one week but oh so worth it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my family time =)


Have a great weekend!


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  2. It looks like you had a great week! I completely understand the struggles of laundry! I am the mom to 4 sweet kiddos, and laundry is a constant! We are going to Disney in July and I can't wait, your pics make me even more excited!!

    Wishing you all the best in April!!
    Momma with a Teaching Mission

  3. What a fun vacation! It looks like you and your family had a blast! I'm in Florida right now, and I actually left all the contents of my teacher bag at home! *GASP* I knew I wouldn't get any of it done, so for once, I didn't bother bringing it. I was pretty proud of myself.
    Shine on in First Grade

  4. Looks like you had a great vacation! Diary of a Worm is one of my all time favorites to teach with, and I love that activity idea!