Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for Friday: It's that time again =)!

It's that time of year again....fresh smell of supplies and lots of energy buzzing through the building. Everyone feels well rested and excited for a new group of kiddos! I have been going to school here and there but with three children....not a lot gets accomplished. Today was our first work day and I got TONS done in preparing the room but I still need to do all of my planning. This is always a challenging time of year for me as there are highs and lows. I thoroughly enjoy every minute with my boys over the summer and I feel that we do quite a bit. However, the last week always pushes me to want to squeeze every minute possible with them before the craziness begins all over again. So, here is my week in pictures....

 I took my boys on a mini trip to Columbus to go to COSI (Science Center) and visit my alma mater. I love Ohio State and hope that one of my boys decides to attend college there some day =)

Can you guess my theme this year? If you haven't yet, I bet you will by the end of this post. LOL!

I did get myself together and put my motivational tools together. I really hope that I like this style of classroom management and find it a positive reinforcement in the classroom.

I couldn't leave without being ready for our Open House which is on Monday night. Although my kiddos are not required to come because we do Orientation on the first day, I hope I get a lot of visitors. I know I will have some old friends visiting from previous years. It is always one of my favorites!
Something else that I am trying is a new way to add words to my word wall. You have to love all that Pinterest has to offer. LOL! I will put the words on clothespins and add them to the fabric on each corresponding letter. It's right in the front of the room which will offer easy access for our writing.

We will be busy moving this weekend as we prepare to live with my parents for the next five months. So happy that they were generous in offering their hospitality until our home is ready. I am excited that we will finally be in my school district so that my own children will benefit from all that it has to offer!
Have a great weekend!

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