Friday, August 22, 2014

Five for Friday: We are in full swing!

SO excited to have the first week under our belt! The first day is always so challenging but I feel like I can breathe a little bit more on the second day. I was thrilled that we got off to a great start with no criers! This was my week in pictures.....

 We were able to move in with my parents this past weekend which was just days before school began. Phew! It has been an adjustment week but the boys have been real troopers with their new surroundings! I am so proud of them =) We are looking forward to our own home going up very soon!
I just love the beginning of the school year because there are so many fun things to start off the year. As I got my books out, I had a real hard time deciding which ones to use on the first day. The kids really enjoyed "David Goes to School" and it was a great opportunity to reinforce some of the school rules. We will begin our "Pete the Cat" series in these next few days.
 Of course we need some fun brain breaks to help us transition through our long day. The kids were very excited as we set up our school mascot and began our challenges!
 My focus walls are coming along as I hope to build upon them as we continue into these beginning weeks. It is the first year that I have had one full time class so these are new waters for me as well. I was able to assign seats and have job assignments. Woohoo!

Let the planning beginning! I have spent so much time preparing for my little friends that I feel like I am behind in the planning department! This will be a 'must do' this weekend!

Have a great weekend and rest up!


  1. Congrats on your first week back to school! Your classroom looks adorable.

  2. Yay for the first week back! I start in two weeks and I can't wait to use GoNoodle with my little second graders! My fourth graders last year LOVED it!


    1. Go noodle is awesome! We all need brain breaks :)

  3. Our district just adopted Wonders. We are a half day program and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the scheduling. Any suggestions?? You have amazing ideas.

  4. Hello! Thanks for your reply! We started Wonders last year and I was struggling too. I started creating extension activities to go with each week to help my kids understand the extensive lessons and activities that needed to be learned. I posted them all in my TpT shop for the entire year. I differentiated them to meet all of my learners and I also tried to reach all of the weekly lessons. It helped me tremendously! Good luck with the series. I also utilized the online components which helped to break things up too. You will be surprised with how much the kids will be able to do. Best wishes for a great year!