Friday, January 16, 2015

Five for Friday Linky! January 16th

Happy Friday! So glad to make it to the end of the school week. We have been battling snow and freezing temps in Ohio for several weeks now and it's getting a bit tiring. I attached this quote because it is so fitting for this time of year. We just finished our second quarter report cards and this is the point where you see some kiddos really start to soar when new challenges are presented to them while others are still trying to gain ground. It's important to remember that they will all get there are some point while some are just naturally quicker than others. Here was our week in pictures.....

We read quite a few informational texts about penguins before I began some fictional ones. The kids particularly loved "Tacky the Penguin". He is an odd penguin that acts differently than the others. One of his noticeable traits is his floral shirt and bow tie he wears. We made a chart of all of his different qualities before we made our very own Tacky. I dug out some wall paper books for the kids to use in making the funky shirt. We then used our writing templates to tell a bit about the story. They came out darling =)

We practiced working on our calculators this week. We reviewed the parts of the calc and how they work before practicing our numbers. I had them putting in even and odd numbers, simple equations, address and phone numbers. It was a lesson to me as well in learning that lots of my kiddos need to work on their personal numbers!

Another huge hit this week was using the dot paints. I haven't gotten them out yet this year until this point but the kids really followed directions and used them well. I heard so many squeals and giggles that I will have to utilize them more in the near future. Who knew number counting and recognition could be so much fun =)? Thanks to Annie Moffatt for the entertaining activity!

As you can see, our penguin unit is underway. We started with making this anchor chart. I think so many films and documentaries have been made about penguins that they already knew quite a bit! It was a good opportunity to review our grammar (adjectives, nouns, and verbs) though.

I adore my Ohio State Buckeyes! I earned my Bachelor and Master of Ed degrees from OSU so I am a Buckeye through and through. I was super excited that they made it to the championship and even more thrilled when one by one my kiddos walked in with their OSU gear on. We had to take a snapshot on our Class DOJO to send to our parents.

You may have a chuckle at this one but I just purchased this game for our xbox for myself and I LOVE IT! I am an exercise freak...part of my OCD. I usually have over 10,000 steps in by 6 a.m. I know, I am nuts! I am a runner so I usually start that at 430 a.m. and then go to my local jazzercise class at 530. With the weather being so gross, they sometimes have to cancel class. So, I bought this to get my cross training in and it works! You can pick a class to do or go song by song. If you have never tried zumba you should give it a try.

Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. I may have to try this Zumba fitness out! I love Zumba. It has been cold here in Georgia, but we never get any snow.


  2. Andrea, You will love it!! I'm jealous you don't get any snow. It's pretty the first time and then I am done with it =) My cousins live in Georgia and they were always so excited to visit up here to see the white stuff. I could never understand it. LOL! Have a great day!

  3. I love all of your cute penguin ideas, especially that adorable anchor chart! I wish I could make my butt get out of bed to work out, I am so not a morning person...I'm trying to work on that so I can get my workout in before my daughter wakes up.

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  4. I love all of your cute ideas and your determination to staying fit! I have a rough time keeping myself motivated to get my morning workout - I need to borrow a little bit of your drive and OCD! LOL!