Friday, January 23, 2015

Five for Friday Linky: January 23rd

Yippee! Friday is here! Why is it that the shortened weeks feel longer? Here was our week in pics....

In our district, we utilize Everyday Math. Overall, I have been happy with it when my older children progressed through the grades but I have to do a lot of supplementing in Kindergarten. There isn't enough for my lil kinders. We worked on pan balances this week. I gave the kids magazines where they had to compare two objects and then demonstrate them on paper. They also took a paper and wrote about their findings. They came out cute!

In case you missed my post earlier this week, my kiddos because text evidence detectives! I made a new pack of differentiated text evidence activities for my kids. As I explained the directions, I could see their little minds starting to look at me with some curiosity until I said that they were going to become detectives in finding the clues in our passages! I was even going to give them some tools to help them! The squeals and gasps that came out of them when I opened the supply cabinet to reveal magnifying glasses! It was a hit. I passed out the differentiated passages and the kids didn't even make a fuss as to the reasoning why some children got level one and others got level 2. I was super impressed with how well they did!

I am sure that a lot of you are getting ready to celebrate the 100th day of school. This is the very first time that we will ever be doing so because this is the first year that we are full time. It was amazing to me that we passed 89 days last week and that is the number of days we had in an ENTIRE YEAR when we were part time. I scoured pinterest for as many ideas that I could find. These were some that caught my eye. I set up a Volunteer Spot for the donations so I hope they all come in =) I am excited to do this. What are you doing in your buildings?

You will get a laugh out of this one. Our new house is slowly coming along. The electrician showed up this week to hang all of the lights we picked out. I was mortified when I turned the corner and saw this hanging in the foyer! How did he possibly think this was correct? They were supposed to be staggered to resemble steps. Eeek! He told us 'it is what it is'.What does that mean? aaahhhh! So, back to the drawing board for a foyer light.
My lil kinders did so great on my text evidence activities last week that I am back at the drawing board making more. I love creating activities that are beneficial to my kids and fun to make!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Kim!
    I found your blog from the Doodle Bugs linky party! I love the magazine balances activity that you did! This really has me thinking about how I can incorporate some ideas like this into my 5th grade math curriculum!

  2. Hey Kim, thanks for sharing some insight in to your class! I am Greg, the secondary half of the Class Couple, so I don't usually get to see what happens in the primary world! Our 5 year old is entering kindergarten next year, so I appreciate your focus on learning with manipulates - the 100th day ideas are great! I really like the solo cup idea! (We don't get to celebrate the 100th day in high school, so it's wild to see it as such an event!)

  3. Eek! It is what it is! Does that mean he won't fix it? I would be so mad! Okay, your text evidence photo with the kids and the hand lenses is the cutest picture ever! Precious!
    Teachers Are Terrific!