Thursday, January 8, 2015

Five For Friday Linky Party: January 9th

Happy New Year! We had a busy week jumping into our curriculum after the Winter Break. We were also fortunate enough to squeeze in a day off for the freezing temps in Ohio! Yeah! Here was our week in pictures.....

I welcomed the class back as we shared the things we did while on Winter Break. We also talked about resolutions and goals that we wanted for ourselves this year. Cute kinder story....when we started talking about the meaning of a goal, one of my kinders said, "It's when you kick a ball into the net in soccer!". Some of them were really cute!

In our Wonders Reading program, we focused on the letter H and high frequency word 'my'. I end the week with a weekly wrap up to summarize the lessons we covered for the week. 

Over the holiday break, I made a text evidence activity for my little kinders. My older boys have a lot of these in their older grades and I wanted to expose my learners to the basic concept of text evidence so they learn the importance of it. I started with a basic form where they had to read a few sentences with common high frequency and CVC words. I then had them read a color chart to identify the words in the text. They then had to illustrate and write a response before writing their own sentence to relate a personal component to the text. I also differentiated it for those higher kiddos in your class because we all have them =) You can find my freebie here if you want to try it out. It was a success in our room. I am working on more because the kids really liked them!

We had Thursday off for the frigid temperatures so I had my nieces over for the day with us. I love that they know when they come that we are going to bake. They don't even have their boots off at the door before they come running into the kitchen to see what we will be making. We started with homemade waffles and moved onto peanut butter cookies before our cut out cookie finale! Movie and popcorn always follow so I can clean up all of our messes before starting new ones. LOL! We are still at my parents house until our home is finished. We are inching closer as the counters were installed last week and painting has commenced. Woohoo!

I finished the week off with report cards and my newsletter. I luckily had just finished stuffing the envelopes on Wednesday before I left so it was nice not to worry about them on our day off. I am getting ready to complete my lesson plans and prepping for Martin Luther King Day.  If you are in need of some activities, I am putting my pack on sale for the weekend. You will find vocabulary, a short story about MLK, comprehension activities, and writing responses. There is something for everyone!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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  1. Hi Kimberly,
    Love that your nieces just come running to the kitchen! My 3 year old son loves to bake with me. I often use the same strategy for clean-up. I find an episode of Curious George is just about the perfect amount of time that I need to re-establish order in the kitchen. :) Glad you got a day off for the cold. I used to live in Wisconsin and all my family is still there. They are also enduring the extremely cold temps. I don't miss them! Happy Friday!
    Joya :)