Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Text Detectives!

My heart is bursting with excitement as I watched my kiddos become text detectives with my latest pack this morning! I heard the squeals as I got the magnifying glasses out of the cabinet so I knew I grabbed their attention. I passed out the differentiated passages and explained each one. I told the kiddos that every detective has a magnifying glass that helps them to find the clues better. They then had to underline the important facts in discovering their evidence. They did such an awesome job and no one questioned why there were different activities which made me happy too =)
 Level I which reviews the basic high frequency words. Most of my kiddos are at this level.
Level II for those readers you have that need more of a challenge =)

My cute detectives with their equipment =)

Check out the passages in my new pack!

Have a great day!

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