Friday, September 30, 2016

Five for Friday: Baking with the 5 Senses! Yum!

Ahh....I saw some of my kinders doing this during free choice time this week. I love it!

We studied Johnny Appleseed this week and discussed parts of his life. The kids made their own people and added the pot Johnny wore in the story. They added their own names before writing three facts on the apples about Johnny's life.

This was our last week studying apples before we begin pumpkins next week. We took all of the apples we had collected and made apple biscuits! Each kiddo got a Pillsbury biscuit that they made as a crater to hold all of their diced apples. After putting the apples on, we added some brown sugar, cinnamon and a slice of butter to add some flavor. They were yummy! I even had some friends licking their plates! =)

 We began our five senses in Science which tied in nicely with our apple baking. We made our own little anchor chart on our people to add each sense with something that would go along with it.  They came out great!

I finally finished my color pack. I like the kids in my class to always complete my items I create in case I need to tweak them. You will find 10 colors and each one contains: a color sign, word web, word search, color practice with writing, stamping, counting syllables, and much more! Check it out in the link at the bottom. It's on sale =)

We just finished the high frequency word 'see' this week which brought us up to my first differentiated high frequency book. The kids cut out the letters to complete the repetitive sentences while following the directions to make the illustrations. This worked out as a great tool for those that were not baking with me. They enjoyed being able to 'READ' their own books!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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