Friday, September 2, 2016

Five for Friday: We are in a groove..both at home and in the classroom!

I have a few carpet pickers! LOL! It's been a VERY busy week but I am SOOOOO glad we have a few weeks under our belts. The kids understand the routines and move through the day with more confidence everyday. They are the sweetest group of kiddos. I just love them!

We LOVE "Pete the Cat" and read all of the books. It worked well into my colors unit I have been doing in helping the kids spell their color words. We had some very unique cats when all was said and done. We do have our work cut out for us in the fine motor department =)

I am just tickled that we even got rotations going in the afternoon with computer log ins, ipad instructions, fine motor development, interactive notebooks, and color words. This generation is mostly tablets so it took a lot of time and patience explaining to my lil kinders how to use a desktop. Two weeks in and they still have difficulty pushing the correct side of the mouse but we will get there!
Our home has been non-stop since school has started between soccer, everyone at their own places, dental and doctor appts plus homework. I love our dentist! They take all four of us at the very same time and really cater to the kids (as you can see =). So thankful we all made it out looking good!
My middle schooler had to walk over to my building one day and really entertained my class at dismissal time. He made up the Headbandz game using his iphone.  I love this little guy's face as he is trying to guess the picture from the clues they were giving him. LOL!

Our travel soccer team had a game on Sunday, practice Monday, ball boys at the Varsity game on Tuesday, and practice again on Wednesday. They had a blast working the big game!

I quickly learned the needs of my kiddos within the first day. We definitely need to review color words so I am finishing up the last of the colors this weekend but I posted this FREEBIE in my shop. Check it out!

I have always had requests to make a full year bundle of extension activities but it was going to take  a lot of work. I finally finished it up and it totaled over 2,200 pages! It does make it easier to have it the teacher drive rather than doing the unit bundles. I'm relieved to have this program going in its third year as its like riding a bike at this point. Now, we are implementing a new Science program so that will be my learning curve for this school year. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Carpet threads are still fascinating in 3rd grade, too! Those cats are adorable, even the "interesting" ones!

  2. Oh my yes, the little things can easily distract them...but I can allow myself to be just like them especially during staff meetings. Haha
    I am needing letter writing practice ideas such as your ipad writing. What is the app? It looks good. I try to be current but feel like I'm falling behind with technology. I won't give up because there are so many great resources such as yours. Thank you.

  3. I love your post! I am a special ed. teacher and spend time in k-5 classrooms and they ALL have a version of carpet thread. Really like your rotations, it looks like it is working well. thank you, Paula