Friday, May 1, 2015

Five for Friday!: May 1st Linky Party

It was a "bee"sy week in our classroom as we learned about these insects! We started the week out with our KWL anchor chart and then went on to read some of our non-fiction books from the library. The favorite by far was "The Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive". The kiddos then made their very own bees out of construction paper and added the names of the body parts to make a diagram. They did a super job!

We also read some fictional stories and watched "The Magic School Bus" to watch The Frizz travel with the kids inside a bee hive. We used bubble wrapping to paint and apply onto paper to add some dimension to our honeycombs. We then showed representation of bees through 'can', 'have', and 'are'. I typed up their responses after our readings so that they could characterize the bees into the best categories. I love interactive projects =)

ODOB: One District One Book
One District, One Book, asks families to read a children’s novel as a community (everyone reading the same book, at the same time, over the course of a month).  All families, even those not very familiar with reading chapter books out loud, can discover and acquire the habit. One District, One Book is enabling. Ultimately, families will learn how to read books together on their own, independently.  You reach those families through your schools. That’s where your captive (and needy) audience awaits. But when each school – at your direction – agrees to adopt the program, they each still have the freedom to refine the program to suit their school, community, needs, capabilities, and resources.
My hubby surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift with the new sport iwatch. I have been looking for a Garmin to track my athletic activities and monitor my runs and he kept telling me to hold off. I wore this for a few days and it has to go back. I am already hyper and a bit OCD =) so when I worked out for 128 minutes (yes, over two hours) and it still told me at 9 pm that I had to burn more calories, I had to start vacuuming and doing laps around the house till I hit their desired number! You think I am joking but I am not. I am one of those people that will go for a speed walk with my husband only to return at 3.85 and have to walk down the street until I hit the exact 4.0 miles.  I am so serious. The watch is neat but you still need to have your phone on hand to sync with it. For instance, I went on a run but it couldn't map it because I didn't have my phone with me. I was under the impression that it worked solely on its own but it doesn't. I will still need to bring my phone with me on runs anyway to play my music so I will keep looking for the best athletic band that suits my needs. Any suggestions?

Our school has a walk-a-thon to help raise money for our PTO. It is the only fundraiser we do all year which is nice and the kids have a blast. Each grade level has a theme and Kindergarten is doing a superhero one this year. We asked parents to donate old t-shirts that were extra large on the kiddos. We sponge painted our district letter using a stencil and will cut around the shirt to transform into the cape. As a school, we walk over to our district track where all of the grades sit in the bleachers. Then they call each grade to walk two laps around the track to their theme music. There are prizes for EVERYTHING so the excitement continuously builds from the very first donation! We are excited to have this event next Friday and hoping for great weather. It is Ohio, though, so anything is possible =)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi, Kim!
    One District, One Book sounds like a great way to get families to come together and read. Has it been successful? What are the demographics of your district?

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