Friday, May 29, 2015

Five for Friday: What a week!

We did it! Such a fun time at the color vibe. There were tons of people and lots of color. LOL! If you have never done one, you should try it out. It would be a good introductory to running a real 5K. There were tons of people so you spend half of the time trying to get through the crowds =) 
I also hit 150 classes in jazzercise since January. The goal is to reach 150 in a year to win their prize. It is a fun activity as I really enjoy the music and dance moves. You could still try a free class in your area until May 31st! Although I am a runner, I use jazz to help with my cross training. Lots of good friends along the way too =)
 It sure was a busy weekend because we also went biking on our local towpath. We heard all of this commotion and ran into Thomas. My oldest loved him when he was little. Jax is not into Thomas like Ty but was definitely excited to see the train and his moving eyes.

During the last few days, there was lots of cleaning and throwing out. The room smelled like barbasol but the kids had a blast with all of the shaving cream!
I hate how messy our manipulatives and game shelf gets throughout the year. I literally dumped everything in the middle of the floor, put the bins out and let the kiddos work away. They did a great job! I had to reorganize a bit after they left but it is all done now =)

Our previous principal always had a great farewell for the fifth grade class. The entire school lines the hallways (we have three floors) and claps as the graduating class walks out. It is so cool! Lots of high fives and parents with tears. As always, such a bittersweet feeling seeing those buses pull out for the summer!
I always take these pics and so excited to see the growth in the boys throughout the year. They have gotten so big. It definitely was a challenging year with all of our changes. I'm praying for a smooth upcoming school year.

Couldn't forget the little guy who likes to wear his pajamas out. You's one of those things not worth fighting about...especially at seven in the morning =)
So now it is time to get ready for a new school year. I signed up to take six semester hours through Dominican University. I'm looking forward to getting some things done =)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I did the color run a few summers back- well I didn't actual run but walked! This summer I got talked into doing the Glow Run! and we are all practicing to jog/run it!! We are doing the Couch to 5k app so wish me luck- you can see my post run face on my blog for Five for Friday- I completed the very first run!! Ha- Lisa from All Things Special Ed

  2. I am doing my second Color Run tomorrow! Last year we went all out this year I am just not as in to it though I am in better shape! Looks like a good last week!

  3. That color run looks like so much fun! Enjoy your summer and hope you get some organizing done :)

  4. Congrats on the 150 club!!!! Jazzercise is awesome!

  5. My daughter does the same thing with the first and last of school. It is so neat to see how my granddaughter changes through the year. When I do my end of year slideshow, I start it with their first day in kindergarten pic and I end it with the pic I take of each of them the last week of school. By the end of the slideshow, there is not a dry eye in the group. The parents love it!!
    Enjoy your summer!! Linda's Learning Loot